Retail industry - and about all other industries - have built usually their own devices. As we stepped to the future, we all have powerful computers with us, all the time.

Piccolink was a great device. But as it is EOL something has to be done to ensure continuity of the business. Our solution is our app, PLDroid.

It is designed to be easier (while nothing beats physical keyboard*) while gaining some benefit of touch screen. Texts are larger, navigation can be done by tapping the display and those physical buttons which your devices has, can be remapped to keys of good'ol Piccolink.

We also think that when same device can be used to multiple operations, it is good for environment as well.

* We would love to see more physical buttons on Android devices, so we support that fully.


App, which replaces your Piccolink (RF600/RF601) devices with some Android phone - one with just camera or industrial one with built-in barcode reader.


First versions of app were made on 2013 and after few years of low-key the development started again in 2021.


We are group of POS/Retail experts, software developers and business developers.


We understand that no change in business is easy so we try to do everything to make your transition pleasant.

Try our app.


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